HILARY            GEDDES


Hilary Geddes is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Jann Rutherford Memorial Award. The Jann Rutherford assists with the professional development of a young jazz woman instrumentalist who shows excellence in performance, improvisation and composition. 

Performance of Mike Nock's tune 'Not We But One' at the Camelot Lounge in 2019. Featuring Mike Nock (piano), Karl Laskowski (tenor saxophone), Brett Hirst (double bass), James Waples (drums) and Hilary Geddes (guitar).

CS Ballroom Band performing 'People Of' at Bohemian Grove in 2019. Featuring Charlie Sundborn (composition and alto saxophone), Jacques Emery (bass), Chloe Kim (drums), Matt Harris (keyboards), Nick Mielczarek and Hilary Geddes (guitars), Alex Jasprizza (tenor saxophone). 

Excerpt of Hilary Geddes' solo on Henry Mancini's 'Days of Wine and Roses' at Foundry 616. Featuring Andrew Dickeson (drums), Brett Hirst (double bass), Steve Barry (piano).



Language, Rhythm and Legitimacy Issues: An Examination of Factors Contributing to the Success of Time Out. Published in the Sydney Undergraduate Journal of Musicology, Volume 6, 2016.